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    Team Papy Weddings is a full service media coverage team that will help make your special day unforgettable! All trained to be professionals in our fields, we will be there to catch every smile, every tear, and every memory. We offer several different packages, listed below, to cater to ever couples’ specific needs and interests.

    This package is our most complete wedding package available. Full photo and video coverage, complete with Photo and extensive Video DVDs.
    This package is video only, but comes with an extended DVD complete with highlights, and raw footage
    This package will give you the same coverage as our full photo/video but with only the raw footage on your DVDs
    This package is photo only, but comes with a photo disc with over 100 edited photos, the photographer’s top 10 and all the raw photos as well

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  • Team Papy Productions

    Team Papy Productions is determined to move away from the Hollywood status quo, bringing a new sense of realism to the film world.

    With a keen eye for both visual aesthetics as well as complex storytelling we look forward to influencing a change in the filmmaking industry as well as audience expectations. We strive to bridge the production value of big budget films and the complexities and nuances of art and experimental films to create a hybrid that will enchant audience’s imaginations without losing them to stretched metaphors and idiosyncratic plot lines all the while creating visual works of art within the frame that keep the eye captured within the world of the film.

    We will bring a new look and determined commitment to your project. Be it a commercial production, music video, wedding or event, or even a narrative script you want produced, we will be there for every step of the way doing our best to take your vision and make it reality.

    If you are interested in funding any upcoming projects contact us below and we will fill you in on what is coming up.

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  • Full Photo and Video Package

  • Full Video Only Package

  • Raw Photo and Video Package

  • Full Photo Only Package

  • Rob Silcox


    Rob is a Savannah College of Art and Design Alumni who is now continuing his education at Central Connecticut State University under the guidance of Jeff Teitler. He has well over 500 hours of set experience and has shot on everything from 16 and 35mm film to RED cameras and beyond.  With extensive experience both behind the camera and designing lighting his eye naturally looks for the frame within the scene, creating both emotion and insight through the visuals of the film. His films look to show the audience what they don’t want to see but cannot look away from. Pushing the boundaries of character-audience connection in ways that few are risking, and even fewer succeeding.

    Check out his video portfolio HERE

    Contact him for information or services at Rob.Silcox@teampapy.net   Rob Silcox Demo Reel 2012 from rob silcox on Vimeo.
  • We Are Team Papy

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  • Sondra Shed

    Sondra Anne was born in 1990 in San Diego, California, but spent most of her time growing up in Nashville, Tennessee. Since she was young, Sondra was encouraged by her mother to use art as an outlet – painting, drawing and photography were her favorite at the time. Because her high school did not offer many art courses, she continued to be a self-motivated artist. After graduating from high school, Sondra was accepted into the Savannah College of Art and Design to study Illustration. While at SCAD, she was introduced to the process of printmaking. She immediately fell in love with screen printing. The process, the end result and the ability to make as many prints as her heart desires sparked a creative fire. It was then that the first Team Papy Printshop was established. From this, Sondra developed the idea of creating an artist collaboration. Sondra Anne is a multifaceted illustrator who is always challenging herself in ways to further her art and personal style.

    Contact Sondra at sondra.anne@teampapy.net

    Check out her portfolios here 

  • Katie Getz

          Katie Getz was born in 1989, outside of Chicago, IL. She currently lives in Savannah, Georgia and attends Savannah Collage Art and Design studying photography and printmaking. Katie’s work is a personal analysis of ego and the process. Because of her creative intentions, she chooses to shoot analog and uses historic and alternative photographic printing methods. Katie is also versed many types of traditional printmaking processes, such as, relief, intaglio, screen printing, and mono printing.  

    Check out her portfolio here

    Contact her at Katie.Getz@teampapy.net


  • Earl Bryan

    My photography is often about another art forum a physical one like aggressive inline skating. Other times it takes on another forum like portraits or people in candid situations . As of late my direction has taken a slightly different direction with more landscape involved and areas unseen in city like areas , something like finding an oasis in the desert . The most delightful feeling is when I see and know I need to capture that place or person or situation and then manage to do it . As a kid going on school field trips and even at home looking at the history channel and many other media. I have seen the work of many artist and all I wanted to do was create images the way they did . Let it be known i’m not a good painter. But much later in life I found out I have an eye for photography . At that point I decided to look and see what photography really is . Ever since I was 17. I knew how to capture images but not art. When out with my camera it’s more than just point and click . I can’t say anyone will love what I shoot. But the same goes I can’t say anyone will hate what’s in front of them either. Saying my purposes is to inspire is not enough. I want to give back to what feeds the inner desire to shoot. People hold many characteristics within them. I enjoy seeing which ones I can draw out of them during a session.When skating it’s not about the area its about the skater and his trick or tech as it’s called. As I progress as a photographer so shall my skate images, and my ability to capture difficult situations under the gun . What started out as a hobby became something more . At one point shooting was a way to escape dangerous skating situations kinda of like hiding behind a friend but now can say for sure Photography was my best friend now it’s my blood . I am brand loyal I must be . I use a Nikon D90 . I have a 18-109mmVR and a 55-200mm 50mm prime Nikon lens, Nikon Speed Light SB-700. One tripod and yes I travel with a Tenba camera bag and a Lowepro . I also have a15” MacBookPro 5,4 Spyder 3 express , Sekonic L-358 , CS4 extended, picas for Brain Storming. When at parties I get an area set for me so I can shoot without interruptions . If you can’t tell. Yes I love photography…                                                                                                                

    Check out Earl’s portfolio here

    Contact Earl about Information and services at earl.bryan@teampapy.net

  • Dustin Hamel

    I am a digital Film Student but film is also my life. Through film I express my emotions, my ideas, and my take on how I perceive the world. I want to bring my interesting and fresh ideas into film. My goal as a filmmaker is to simply entertain and convey the message and vision of the Director through my own creative abilities while still adding my unique flair to the project.

    Contact Dustin at dustin.hamel@teampapy.net

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  • Winston Gow

    Hey y’all, I’m Winston. The word wizard of Team Papy. I’m a copywriter who loves design. I’m quite crafty, too. I love to challenge myself when it comes to my ad work. Give me any brand and I will make it look downright sexy. I was born in Atlanta, but spent a large chunk of my adolesence in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Both of my parents attended college at the University of Carolina in Chapel Hill, so I was a born and bred Tarheel fan. However, I knew that it wasn’t the right school for me. After I graduated from East Chapel Hill High School I packed my bags for Savannah, Georgia to study (originally fashion design…haha) advertising at the Savannah College of Art and Design. It was at SCAD where I met Sean, Sondra, Robby, Katie and the rest of Team Papy. They are and will forever be my family. When I’m not cranking out print ads or coming up with witty headlines, I like to spend time working on my screenplays, exploring new music, catching up on my favorite shows (I’m pretty obsessed with Dexter and American Horror Story at the moment) and playing with my dog, Cooper (she’s quite a character).

    Check out Winston’s portfolio here

    Contact Winston at winston.gow@teampapy.net

  • Ethan Weyrick


    Architecture manifested itself through numerous avenues, whether it is derived from the point, line or plane, or is inspired by the surroundings that one is in. However, true architecture is the harmonization of the basic principles meshed with an artistic license to create something that reflects one’s self. Throughout my academic career I have been focused on reflecting my inner self through my work, which culminates in the thought of nature. Organic design has been the driving factor in all of my designs, which is created from my past. In part I believe that the reasoning behind my fascination with nature is because of where I spent all of my childhood.

    I grew up in a small rural town called Thetford in the heart of Vermont, where all there was to do was play outside which is where I became in tune with nature. This closeness with nature has brought me to be inspired me from the forms that are found in the entire natural world. In addition to the thought of nature, I have also been focused on the sustainable aspect of design. The age of sustainable design is upon us and I am planning on taking full advantage of that, striving for the most efficient design possible. What I hope to accomplish with my design skill is work for a nonprofit organization creating sustainable designs for third world countries, advancing their society and assisting in their general lifestyle.

    Check out Ethans Graduate Thesis Proposal Here!


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  • Ethan Weyrick’s Graduate Thesis Proposal← back

    Significance of Study:
    October 28, 2010 a SCAD student by the name of Sean Giroir was murdered when a home invasion robbery turned violent. He was described by his close friend as the kind of guy that inspired the people around him; to see the good in everybody else, a sort of pure love. She went on to say that he was someone how brought people together even from opposite ends of the spectrum by finding a common ground to allow them to coexist in appreciation for each other. During the weeks following his unexpected and premature death, people came together to heal through creativity, making art to ease the pain of their loss. This was a kind of tribute to Sean. Even though he is gone, his spirit of bringing people together is still around and is the inspiration for the organization Team Papy Incorporated. This developing non-profit organization’s main objective is to reawakening people though art, changing their lives for the better, and bringing people together in their time of need. Their aspirations are to use art therapy to assist young adults that been involved in a traumatic event and are seeking counseling. Team Papy Incorporate is hoping to create a large scale art complex that houses artist, therapists, as well as patients that are looking for grief counseling. This will consist of numerous different phases completed over a ten year plan that encompass at least 20 acres. This site will be located in the Bend region of Oregon, which is classified as a high desert climate and creates a beautiful setting for inspiration and healing. What the clients are hoping for is a self-sustaining art complex that “lives off the land”, creating the need for farming, which is still affiliated with helping people with the use of art. Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art media as its primary mode of communication. Clients who can use art therapy may have a wide range of difficulties, disabilities or diagnoses. “It seems obvious that our artistic creations are to some degree reflections of us and thus have the potential for increased self-understanding, for experimentation with new ways of being and for change” (Kaplan, 51). Using art as a form of therapy has been proven beneficial for numerous people with countless numbers of different life impacting conditions. Grief therapy through art has grown exponentially and has been justified in a multitude of different studies. Ergo, the architecture itself has to be designed around healing and inspiring creativity. Understanding how the built environment affects the client’s creativity is key to a rapid and successful recovery. The beginning of the process will be dedicated to investigating how architecture effects the psychology of the brain. The acknowledgment of how the built environment is interrelated with the brain’s creative process is key to designing the ideal environment for healing. This examination will include the physical evidence of the effects architecture has on the brain’s creativity. It will also incorporate specific architectural theories, elements, styles, and details that could act as a muse for potential patients aiding to their recuperation. This analysis of how the physical environment impacts the process by which therapy occurs is crucial to a complete understanding of how architecture can be beneficial in art therapy. In addition to the investigation of the connection between the architecture and the brain’s creativity, this phase will also explore the specific art mediums that are proven to be beneficial to grief therapy patients. This will unveil the programmatic necessities incorporated with an art therapy facility. The investigation will continue on to explore micro architectural elements and details that feeds inspiration and aids in the healing process. In doing so, this will provide a better understanding of how the architecture has the potential to be made into an ideal environment for a successful recovery.
  • Robby’s Video Portfolio← back

  • Sondra’s Campaign Sign Installation← back

    Dozens of these signs were printed, in hopes to raise awareness of the negativity of most political campaigns. These signs begged viewers to be aware of this and make conscious decisions about their political choices. They were initially put on a popular street corner where many campaigning politicians put similar signs. Within 30 minutes of them being put up, the city came and took them down. Just goes to show how the government views free thinking. Needless to say, we did not give up. We took the signs, which we found behind the dumpster at the city services building and posted them all over town, and at other popular political sign locations, where they stayed for months.
  • Sondra’s Hello My Name is Installation← back

    Taken from Sondra’s artist statement:

    I considered something that bothers me. Our own perceptions, and our thoughts about other people we cross paths with. What kind of judgements do we make based on what we feel and think about ourself’s. Considering this, I wondered if there was a way to change peoples immediate judgements of a person simply with a sticker and a positive affirmation.

    800 stickers were screen printed with 8 different words and passed out, left in coffee houses, given to friends, and left around the city of Savannah.

  • Sondra’s Printmaking Portfolio← back

  • Sondra’s Society as an Idea Installation← back

  • Winston’s Portfolio← back

  • Earl Bryan Portfolio← back

  • Katie Getz Portfolio← back

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